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I’m an independent filmmaker and National Geographic Storytelling Explorer, mainly focused on wildlife conservation, gender and science communication. 


Having lived and worked across India, my fascination with wild animals strangely began in Cape Cod, USA at the age of 15. As a foreign exchange student, my preferred after school activity was to study radio collared urban coyotes. Back home in India, I lend a humanistic lens to stories about our natural world.

ABOUT ME Filming wild elephants in Corbe

After completing my MA in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), I have made several documentaries collaborating closely with scientists, wildlife biologists, social workers and government officials who dedicate their lives to wildlife conservation, public health, women's empowerment and child rights.


In 2018, a National Geographic grant supported me in documenting the rare and elusive Western Tragopan, considered a holy grail among birders and wildlife photographers. This grant culminated in a short film titled ‘The Jujurana’s Kingdom’, published on National Geographic

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Committed to sharing my love for lesser known species with a wider audience, I worked on a 10 part wildlife conservation series for broadcast called On The Brink, that showcases diverse species and habitats in India. As Assistant Director and cameraperson, I have filmed scientists and conservationists protecting critical habitats and Endangered or Vulnerable species including the Snow leopard, critically endangered Gharial, Olive Ridley turtles, the Indian Wolf, Hornbills, Bats and 3 critically endangered species of Vultures. The series also stars the world's most trafficked mammal, the Pangolin, and one of India's rarest primates, the Lion-tailed macaque.


Munmun Dhalaria filming a virtual celebr
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I am an independent Producer / Director for online channels like Vice News and recently filmed topical stories ranging from climate change in the upper Himalayas to the opioid crisis in north India. From 2022-2023, I worked as an Assistant Producer at Wildstar Films in Bristol, UK.

With the Himalaya in my heart and new stories on my mind, I move where my projects take me. For all practical purposes, I am based online.


Kindly email me for a resume request.

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