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On the Brink

Our Team




Meghna is an ex Media and Cultural Studies student from TISS, Mumbai and active filmmaking professional. After graduating, she worked as an assistant director and writer in various corporate and brand films, features and documentaries. She is passionate about marine conservation and climate activism and hopes to inspire change through her work.

When not busy working, Meghna loves to listen to rock music and read thriller novels.

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Rajshekhar is an observer and a striving story teller. 

He is drawn to character and story, cinematic connections, whether in still or motion pictures, in architecture, furniture, design, food, fabric, fauna, geometry, photography and travel. More than a result is the approach that fascinates him, the 'why' of things, those elements below the surface which define the exterior.


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Abhinandan Sharma is a 24 year old independent filmmaker and cinematographer who lives to tell stories about the natural world. His connection to the natural world is over a hundred year's old. He's a 4th generation wildlife photographer.

As a trained wildlife cameraman and director of photography, Abhinandan specialises in long lens sequence building, gimbal, 360VR, time-lapse and drone operation. He is accustomed to working in hostile and extreme environments. 



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Ruth is a video editor who works largely with non-fiction narratives. Starting with a background in humanities, she went on to specialise in film at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.


After working as an assistant editor on several fiction feature films, she chose to focus on documentaries and short format commercials. In particular, she is drawn to the process of scripting and finds it fascinating to see stories come alive on the edit table.


History and feminist studies are subjects which are very close to her heart. She is an avid reader and never travels without a book. 

Amoli is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Mass Communication from Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication. 

Being from a generation that has only seen the world deteriorate, she aspires to make human-impact films to inspire change. She spends her time learning and finding newer ways to tell conservation & science stories. Amoli has previously worked on a wildlife documentary, Tangled Seas, two student degree films, and several short films. She has also been a content producer for youth organizations & NGOs like the Marine Life of Mumbai & the Wildlife Trust of India. 

In her free time, she likes to read, crochet, and click photographs. 

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