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Uncertain Winter


SPS - Films Division | 5 mins | 2017

Everything about life in Spiti revolves around basic survival and optimal utilization of land in a place where all the elements are against habitation. Winter temperatures dip to -30 degrees. The stoic women endure the winter as the valley takes everything away from them. In Kibber village, 4300m above sea level, we follow the life of Langzom. She lives in one of the most inhospitable conditions in the world and faces many problems even in accessing basic facilities we take for granted. 

Isolated farming communities, like the ones residing in Spiti valley, are especially vulnerable to climate change and its direct repercussions through fluctuating harvest. This film is an ode to life in the frozen desert, and the resilience of the women who call it home. The same snow that makes a major part of the year unlivable, is responsible for a decent harvest of Kibber’s only cash crop: greenpea.

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This film was made possible by the very hospitable people of Kibber village, Spiti valley. I spent a winter in this village with the help of NCF, who were conducting their annual winter training sessions with the local women for an alternate livelihood project called 'Shen'.

A short film describing their efforts can be seen here.   

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