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COVID Response ~ a himalayan story

National Geographic Society | 25 mins | 2020

COVID RESPONSE (A Himalayan story) is a documentary on the ongoing global pandemic and how it affects a remote Himalayan state in India. The film is a critical look at the various ways in which people’s suffering- mental, physical and financial, have been worsened by the novel coronavirus. These are issues that the mainstream media is currently will-fully ignoring to follow profit models while the people of India continue to brave this virus on their own.

The film is supported by the National Geographic Emergency Fund for Journalists, and celebrates Himachal Pradesh’s self-reliance and resilience. Viewers will get to witness incredible stories of people on the frontline of this global health crisis- from doctors, nurses to social health volunteers. The film touches upon the migrant crisis in India through the eyes of Aditi, a young environmental activist who turned to labour rights overnight. Artists like Meenakshi- program director of Dharamshala’s community radio, worked every day throughout India’s historic lockdown to make sure the people were informed on the latest government guidelines, during one of the world’s most uncertain times.

The documentary also highlights the work of rural development organisations like CORD, that have worked tirelessly for decades to uplift women and empower villages - work that was very handy during this pandemic.

The objective of the film is to highlight loopholes in India’s healthcare and administrative systems while celebrating front-line workers.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Liberation Docfest
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