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kNOw fear
Making Rural Public Spaces Safe for Women and Girls

SWATI Foundation | 13 mins | 2020

Despite constitutional guarantees, violence both within and outside the home is an ever-present threat and an everyday reality for a large majority of women and girls across India. In recent years, greater attention to incidents of violence against women in urban areas has produced new evidence about different forms of violence there. However, similar understanding of and evidence on the scale and different forms of violence against women in public spaces in rural areas does not exist.


SWATI in partnership with International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) have been working on a project titled kNOw Fear which looks at rural women’s safety in public spaces and its impact on their lives. The very unique model of the project which links public space safety to constitutional rights has garnered positive results in the right direction – from raising women’s awareness about the issue to facilitating participation of women in governance - this video documents a part of their journey into finding and raising their voice.


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