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The authentic, sustainable,  Cashmere 

Snow Leopard Trust | 15mins | 2021

Wool is more than a piece of fabric for the people living in the world's highest, most militarised area. It's an identity.


This is a story of how Cashmere, the golden wool, can sustain a textile economy embedded in ecology and culture. 

Ladakh Pashmina is the local name for one of the world's most famous and luxurious fabrics- Cashmere. It is produced from the undercoat of a changthangi goat reared in the Indian Changthang (literally meaning: Tibetan plateau) region, home to the Chang-pa semi-nomadic herders. Chang-pa's have reared these goats in the ecologically sensitive rangelands of Changthang for generations. Through the main characters, we learn about the production of Ladakh Pashmina, the many challenges that Ladakhi’s face today, and the aspirations that they have in the 21st century. 

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