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TENZIN TSUNDUE: A Tibetan Activist's
Fight For Freedom

Vice Asia | 15 mins | 2021

Activist Tenzin Tsundue is no stranger to lockdowns. His family came as refugees from Tibet to India, and he was born ‘in-exile’ in India. He’s been arrested 16 times, for his protests and for the violation of restrictions on the movement of foreigners in India. Now it's common for him to get detained when a Chinese leader or Head of State visits.

We meet up with Tenzin as he continues to protest - whether it’s as a panelist on primetime TV shows discussing India and China’s border skirmishes, or as he is shouting rallying cries in the streets of Dharamshala, and even when he’s walking 500 kilometres to protest against India’s acceptance of the One-China policy.

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