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(hindi: kal) yesterday, tomorrow

wearekal | 3 mins | 2021

We are KAL was founded in 2013 after a long trek in the German woods and was developed in a small rooftop apartment in New Delhi. 

In Ladakh, a whole community is part of their team: the nomads of Changthang, in the high Himalayas. Some of them are still living their lives as herders, constantly moving on, and providing KAL with wool while others have left the nomadic life and settled close to the city of Leh in Ladakh, now handspinning woolen yarn in the traditional way as well as weaving the typical nomadic carpets for KAL.
Their textiles are made in the homes of the team members and the garments are stitched in small batches in a studio supporting ethical fashion in South Delhi.
Once a piece is sent, it's story goes on.

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