University Project | 20 mins | 2014

This short documentary emerges from a government order in Mumbai, which reduced the age limit of the iconic black-and-yellow Padmini taxis to a maximum of 20 years. This means that, in a few years, the charming-yet-robust Padmini taxi will have vanished from the streets of Mumbai, taking away with it the livelihoods of many who depend on it for their day-to-day survival.


The film explores the various ways in which the government imposed age limit affects the livehoods of the taxi drivers on the one hand, and shatters a peripheral economy around the taxi, on the other. The four protagonists of the film - Ravindranath, Tareef, Ansari and AL Quadros - talk about issues of migrant labour, the status of taxi drivers and the importance of taxis in the city of Mumbai. Through their own personal narratives, they offer a ringside view of the changing city and its invisibilized workers.