National Geographic Society | 9:29 mins | 2019

A journey into the kingdom of Jujurana, one of the most vulnerable pheasants on our planet, residing in the backdrop of extreme socio-political pressures exerted on a beautiful temperate and subalpine forest landscape. The red faced, blue-wattled, horned male of the species is a gorgeous pheasant, mesmerizing the females with his breathtaking courtship dance. My goal was to video document this Tragopan, one of the least photographed birds in the world, and share it with everyone. 


This short film on my journey into the kingdom of the Jujurana, highlights what it takes to protect this species at a time that India is rapidly loosing its biodiversity. The state of Himachal Pradesh in India, is not only home to one of the largest protected populations of these birds, but is also the only place in the world where they are currently being bred in captivity for eventual release in the wild.